Psychotherapy and Assessment Services for Adults


There are better ways to relate to yourself & others. Many options exist to reduce suffering & to start living your best life

Psychological Services Offered

Psychological Services


Dr. Foster offers a variety of services and only serves a limited amount of patients. I keep my client base low to be able to dedicate the time and attention needed for each individual client. There may be a long wait to be seen.

Services include: 

  • Health Psychology (supportive services and coping skills to assist with chronic physical pain, stroke, seizures, infertility, aging related disorders, sexual dysfunction, HIV, autoimmune disorders, traumatic brain injuries)
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Sexuality Issues (including Addiction, Kink, BDSM, Variety of relationships, infidelity, unbalanced desire in couples and emerging sexual identity transitions/awareness )
  • Gender Identity Issues
  • Trauma Treatment & Assessment
  • Reproductive Psychotherapy & Assessments (donor, surrogate, fertility treatment readiness)
  • Learning Disabilities Evaluations (for adults)
  • Caregiver Support Services
  • First Responder Treatment & Evaluations
  • Business Psychological Services (executive coaching, leadership training, team building, talent management, succession planning). 

* Referrals to other providers as needed. I also provide Educational Workshops.



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